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Never before have so many generations been alive at the same time on our planet. To face the unchartered waters ahead, they need to talk, disagree, negotiate and, hopefully, ultimately agree at local, national and transnational levels. They need to reinvent together a new transformative, trans-local democracy: a democracy with foresight. To explore this horizon, the Democratic Odyssey set sail in 2023 along six streams:

  1. A Beacon – A blueprint for such a Standing Peoples’ Assembly for Europe composed of randomly selected citizens on a rotation basis, travelling to meet around Europe and embedded in the kind of deliberative and participatory ecosystem we would like to see in the EU and in the rest of the world.
  2. A Pilot Assembly – to serve as a ‘proof of concept’ for such a vision, starting in Athens in September 2024.
  3. A Theory of Change – exploring through praxis how citizens’ engagement can be enmeshed in both top-down and bottom-up processes.
  4. A Constituent Network – the bedrock of support for the Assembly process as a network of organizations and individuals who play the role of “friends of the Assembly’, helping to design, run and evaluate the pilot assembly.
  5. A Modular Framework - the methodology for designing, running and evaluating the permanent Assembly, co-designed by the network.
  6. A Collaborative Campaign – a crowdsourced and decentralized campaign promoting this vision during and after the 2024 elections in Europe and beyond.
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30 October 2023

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