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Constituent Network

The Odyssey’s Constituent Network is the backbone of the ongoing campaign, the subject and object of this democratic experiment. This collective of organisations and individuals is open to all who want to be involved in the long-term campaign for a permanent citizens’ assembly. This is an open network with no gatekeeping: anyone who wants to join can. The Network contributes directly to the project’s development, conduct and its unfolding over time, playing a pivotal role in:


  1. Co-designing the EU Permanent Peoples’ Assembly proof of concept, by contributing ideas and sharing lessons learned from other transnational citizens assemblies to the Odyssey’ Modular Framework;

  2. Setting the agenda of the Pilot Assembly in Athens in Autumn 2024; pre-selecting a set of topics of policy relevance for the EU to be presented to citizens, and helping define the Assembly’s agenda based on the wider public’s selected topic.

  3. Supporting the identification of knowledge needs and knowledge transfers, advising on accessible information materials and transparent communication to participants of the Pilot Assembly;

  4. Developing and expanding the flotilla in sustainably manner to include all relevant local, national, and European stakeholders;

  5. Supporting the dissemination, outreach and advocacy campaign of the project, Pilot Assembly and its proposed recommendations.


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Page last updated on 24/06/2024

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