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Modular Framework

To guide the design of transnational assemblies in general and, specifically, our first prototype Peoples’ Assembly for Europe to meet in the spring 2024 around Europe and in Athens in September 2024, the Democratic Odyssey team has developed a “Modular Framework” approach. By Modular Framework, we mean the elaboration of the different components at play in transnational participatory and deliberative processes, and crucially the debates and conversations this gives rise to. Our Modular Framework establishes the basis for the design and choice of participatory and deliberative rules as tools that are key to the performance, and ultimately the institutionalisation of a European Peoples’ Assembly. It frames the guidelines that we want to put in practice aiming at a synthesis of top-down and bottom-up components that is key to our own ‘third way’ citizens’ assembly model.

The specific academic foundation of our Modular Framework is to make use of, test and further develop the “Knowledge Hub for Transnational Democracy in the 21st Century”, our online library of theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge, compiled from relevant past experiments in the field of citizen participation and deliberation, for future democratic innovations at the transnational scale and below.


The Democratic Odyssey’s Modular Framework

Last update: September 2023

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